We combine traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and infusion therapies with complimentary therapies.

Centro Oncológico Integral de Puerto Rico, the only integrative oncology center in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, treating cancer differently.


Directed by the integrative oncologists, Dr. Madeleine García Soberal and Dr. Yelitza Ruiz Candelaria, whose focus is to design treatment plans that provide the tools and education for each cancer patient to become an active participant in their treatment and healing process.


At the Centro Oncológico Integral de Puerto Rico we take care of cancer patients holistically.  Not only focusing on the diagnosed cancer - but treating them as a whole, including their body, mind and spirit.


We treat cancer aggressively combining chemotherapy with other therapies such as Ayurveda and homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, counseling, among others. This combination of treatments is scientifically-proven to improve the effectiveness of the treatment and improves the energy, well-being and quality of life of most of our patients.


Contact us for an appointment and discover for yourself the benefits of integrative oncology and becoming a patient of Centro Oncológico Integral de Puerto Rico.